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How to play Re-Volt from RV House

See the guide. In short you create or join a room. Everyone in the room will take part in the Re-Volt game when Re-Volt is started from RV House.

I get a "CRC checksum error" when Re-Volt is launched from RV House

This happens at least with Windows XP. It usually doesn't prevent Re-Volt from launching, just click the error message away. But to prevent the error message from happening at all you must do following:
Find your Re-Volt executable "revolt.exe". Right click on it and choose from the properties page "Windows98 compatibility mode". With this mode enabled the error should not come anymore.

How to play Re-Volt in Vista from RV House

Short answer: I don't know since I don't have Vista. You're better off searching the Re-Volt forums for answers. Some people report getting it working, some people report that you need the IP of the host to join races with Vista. To help in that RV House outputs the IP of the host when you join a room. Then you need to start Re-Volt manually when the host starts and in RV choose Multiplayer and enter the host's IP address.

How can I try rejoining a game if my Re-Volt failed to launch/connect?

If you are in the room, you can try rejoining by pressing the lightning button in the room window. It is only activated when the host is in Playing status.

I accidentally exited the room after Re-Volt failed to launch/connect, is there any way to try joining again?

Yes, but you need the host's help. The host can manually set himself to not be in Playing status anymore, which allows you to rejoin the room. Then the host can set himself to be in Playing status again so that you can try joining using the lightning button.

What ports I need to open in firewall/router for RV House and Re-Volt?

See the separate section Router/Firewall Help for details.

I see "Centralized connected" and "DHT joining" in the status line. What do these mean?

They are related to the two different connection methods RV House uses.
  • The first one is the traditional centralized server approach. This is the "Centralized" part in the status line.
  • The second one is a decentralized approach, where there is no one central server. It is P2P network. With this approach there is no one central server, but each user is directly connected to each other. Users find each other by using a P2P network. This is the DHT part and because of using this it is possible to ensure that even with the servers down, users can meet for races.
In general finding users from the decentralized network is a bit slower. It can take a minute or two after you've joined until you see all the participants from the decentralized network.

What do the different colours in user names mean?

User is only found from centralized network
light blue
User is only found from decentralized network
dark blue
User is found from centralized and decentralized network
light brown
User's connection seems to be behind NAT

What is NAT?

In short, it is Network Address Translation. What it means in the case of RV is that usually two people who are behind NAT can not connect to each other directly. Thus a if someone is behind NAT he should not host if one of the other players is behind NAT too. More information about NAT.

Can I share/download custom tracks with/from others in RV House?

Yes you can, but you will need to have Christian Dandoy's (also known as cd090580) Re-Volt Track Manager software installed (version 1.5.0 minimum). Look to the User Guide for more information on how it can be used.

How can I host 12 player races?

Re-Volt supports 12 player races. Unfortunately it has a bug which causes Re-Volt to always limit the number of players to 8. Even as RV House alters the number of player setting before launching the game, Re-Volt does not use it but resets it to 8.

This problem can be remedied by using WolfR4, which fixes several Re-Volt bugs and introduces new features. You can download it from the downlad menu on the right of this page.