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User guide for RV House


Installing RV House requires nothing more than launching the setup executable and choosing where to install it.

Logging in/Registering

To use RV House you must register first. After launching RV House just choose "Register" and fill the information. Only user id, password and your e-mail address will be needed.

RV House uses the same login accounts as RVZT, so if you have already registered there you can login using the same user id / password combination.

Firewall/router settings for RV House and Re-Volt

See the separate section Router/Firewall Help for details.

Connecting to RV House

After logging in, RV House automatically connects. RV House uses two different methods for connecting: a centralized server and a decentralized (peer-2-peer) network. Even if the centralized server is not working, you can reach other participants using the decentralized network. Usually connecting to the centralized server is quite fast (a couple of seconds), but reaching the decentralized server and finding other participants using it is quite a bit slower so be patient. It can initially take a minute or two to find other players using the decentralized network.

Playing Re-Volt in RV House

To play a race in RV House you need to either join or create a room. Whoever is in the room when the race is started will get into the game.

The existing rooms are displayed in the main window. To join a room you can double click it. To create a new room you can click the toolbar button "Create room", it looks like this:

Joining or creating a room will open a room window where the players can chat before the race. The host of the room can start the race using the launch icon. This starts Re-Volt for all participants of the race.

If you have trouble getting into Re-Volt when the race has been started from RV House, check your firewall/router settings. Also see the "New Player Help" menu from RV House web-site.

Sharing/downloading custom tracks using Re-Volt Track Manager

If you have RV Track Manager installed, you can share tracks with other people in RV House easily. This usually comes handy when you are hosting a game and want to ensure that everyone has the specific tracks you want to race.

Note that you can't share tracks and download tracks at the same time. Only one instance of RV Track Manager can be running at one time. You must quit RV Track Manager before you can launch it again.

Sharing custom tracks

If you are a host, there is a button activated in the room window with RV Track Manager logo. Press that if you want to share tracks with other people in the RV House. When RV Track Manager has finished loading you will have a window where you can choose the tracks you want others to download. When ready with the track selection press Send list and everyone who launches RV Track Manager from RV House gets the tracks you selected.

If you are not a host but want to still share tracks, you can right click on your name and choose "Share tracks" from the pop-up list.

Downloading custom tracks

If the host is sharing tracks, you can download them by simply clicking on the RV Track Manager icon in the room window. It will be only activated if the host has started to share tracks.

If you want to download from someone who is not hosting but still wants to share tracks, you can right click on his name and select "Download tracks".

You can easily recognize the people who are sharing tracks from the user list because the will have a small RV Track Manager icon before their name.