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RV House has been officially released. It is intended to give Re-Volt players an online meeting place where races can be easily hosted and joined.

Some of the features that make RV House better for online Re-Volt players:

  • Direct settings for Re-Volt options from the hosted rooms: laps, pickups, players
  • Easy sharing of custom tracks (using Re-Volt Track Manager)
  • Not dependent on any server (decentralized operation)
  • Easy to retry joining a race if Re-Volt failed to launch
  • Much less CPU/memory hungry than for example than GameSpy
  • No advertises
  • Sources available

To get started:

  • Goto Downloads section to download RV House
  • If you have problems connecting/playing see the User Guide for the ports to open in Firewall/Router
  • For answers to some frequently asked question see the F.A.Q
  • See Contact section if you have other questions/problems

Special thanks for the site goes to ADX who has designed the visual look! Without his work there would not be site up this fast. Thanks!