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Router/Firewall Help

If you have a router and/or firewall you must configure them so that you can use RV House and play Re-Volt online.

To make things as clear and easy as possible the recommendations are here divided to instructions for routers and separate instructions for firewalls. If you have both a router and a firewall, apply both instructions.


If you have a router you must forward some ports to your own computer. From your router configuration try finding something named similarly to "Port Forwarding". Then configure there it to forward the ports according to the following table:

Router Port Forwarding table:
Protocol Source PortsTarget PortsFrom IPTo IP
TCP 2301,47624 2301,47624 ALL Your IP
UDP 2300-2400 2300-2400 ALL Your IP

Also see Port Forward web-site's "Forwarding" section if you have trouble finding the right settings for your router. You can for example select eDonkey application and by similar procedure apply the settings outlined above to your router.


The easiest thing to do is to set firewall to allow making all connections for Re-Volt and RV House. If that is not possible for some reason, here is how you should setup the ports:

Firewall settings:
Protocol Ports Source/TargetDirection
UDP/TCP ALL Target out
UDP 2300-2400Source/Targetin/out
TCP 47624 Source/Targetin/out

Still having problems?

See from the New Player Help section the document that talks about connections.

If all else fails, post about your problem to the RV Pub Forum. There's always someone who has battled with the same problems before and can help.