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Windows version

RV House (v0.93.7)

Install by running the executable.

Linux version

RV House Linux (v0.93.7)

A Linux version has been compiled solely as a convenience for those who use Linux and want to come chat and/or check if there is races they want to participate in. Naturally Re-Volt won't work when running under Linux and RV House might complain about some minor issues that are not available under Linux. A new Linux version will be compiled every now and then if the need arises.

Re-Volt and RV House can be made to work in Linux also. Instructions for running Re-Volt and RV House in Linux.

Install by extracting to the place of your choosing the packet and by running the executable from inside the folder.


Re-Volt can not be bought at the moment Re-Volt's original publisher, Acclaim, is bankrupt. However, the rights have been bought by Throwback Entertainment which has said they intend to make Re-Volt available again soon. After Acclaim went bankrupt there were several "abandoned games" sites that provided Re-Volt for free download. It is however illegal as Throwback owns Re-Volt now, so no link to such downloads is provided here.


See sources page for downloading the sources and instructions on compiling.

Language files

Usually the english version of RV House comes first and the other language versions might lag a bit behind depending how people want to update them. For that reason the language files are available also as a separate download if you want to update just the language without downloading the full install. Click here to download language files. Installation: save the desired language file to the lang sub-directory where you installed Re-Volt.

Re-Volt Track Manager by Christian Dandoy

RV House can co-operate with RV Track Manager so that sharing custom tracks between players is very easy.