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Required external tools and libraries

Here is a listing with links to the external tools and libraries needed for building RV House. Installation methods for them varies and you need to read the instructions from the linked pages.

In Windows I have used MinGW. Visual Studio might work, but I haven't tried it. In any case if you want to use Visual Studio you will have lots of work to make it happen. MinGW is the easiest route. Compiling on Linux might need a specific GCC version to work without changes (gcc-3 series probably).

  • MinGW, a free C/C++ toolset.
    • Use gcc-3.x.x version instead of gcc-4
    • You probably need the zlib package too
  • SCons, a modern build system replacement for make. RV House and the libraries I made to support it use SCons for building binaries.
  • ACE, a cross-platform network programming toolkit
  • Qt GUI toolkit, a cross-platform GUI toolkit
    • I have used version 4.7.x, 4.8.x versions probably will work also without changes but I haven't tested.
    • Download the sources and compile libraries that can be statically linked to RV House
    • Example configure that I used with MinGW: ./configure.exe -prefix /home/arto/coding/lib/qt_4.7.2_install -static -release -no-mmx -no-3dnow -no-sse -no-sse2 -no-openssl -no-phonon -no-opengl -no-accessibility
  • KadC, a Kademlia Distributed Hash Table C library. Use the latest version.
  • Boost, semi-official extensions for C++ standard library
    • RV House only needs the serialization library from here
    • For compatibility you need the 1.32 version

RV House libraries and sources

All the following code is licensed under GPL, please keep that in mind if you want to do changes to the code and read the license if you are unsure what it means.
  • libreudp, a resending UDP library
    • Dependencies: ACE
    • Use the version from Subversion (SVN) trunk
  • libdht, a Distributed Hash Table abstraction library
    • Dependencies: ACE, KadC
    • Use the version from Subversion (SVN) trunk
  • libnetcomgrp, a network communication group library
    • Dependencies: ACE, KadC, libreudp, libdht
  • RV House
    • Dependencies: All of the above
    • Use the version from Subversion (SVN) trunk

Participating in developing

Please, if you want to help with RV House and decide to download and program some new features/fix bugs, follow these simple guidelines:
  • All comments, variable names, class names etc. in English
  • Read the coding_style.txt from RV House source distribution and follow it